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Improve Your English with ESL Classes in Houston

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ICT’s ESL classes in Houston open the door for you to broaden your knowledge and feel more confident when speaking English.  Sure, you can understand, but, like many, feel shy at the moment of speaking —or even learning. Shed your fears with ICT’s innovative system and enter a new phase in your language learning experience.

As you learn and grow, you’ll feel more and more confident that your message is getting across the way you intend it to. 

How Can ESL Classes in Houston Boost Your Self-Confidence? 

Making the decision to face our fears is the first step to a successful journey to conquering them. When we are interacting in English with natives —and in their territory, no less—, it is normal to feel intimidated or judged. The same can happen when we are learning. However, when you enroll in ICT’s English classes in Houston, you’ll find a non-judgemental approach that makes learning fun. Also, our technique is designed to empower you when expressing yourself. 

We give you the lemons, you make the lemonade. When you make the most of the resources that we provide, you’ll find that a new world of opportunity opens in front of you. 

Whether it is your speaking or writing skills, our teachers provide you with personalized activities so that you can thrive. Starting an ESL course is the first step into taking ownership of your mastering of the language.

Practice Makes Perfect 

It’s no secret: the more you do something, the better you become at it. And when it comes to learning English, consistency is key. Enrolling in ESL classes in Houston will allow you to maintain a steady rhythm of practice to achieve total mastery.

Additionally, being immersed in an English-speaking environment gives you plenty of opportunities to practice: listen to podcasts, chat in English, talk to your fellow students, and more.

Maintaining a steady rhythm will make a difference in the quality of your learning. No matter how many times you get it wrong, practice will smooth out the rough edges of your learning until you get it right.

ESL Classes in Houston: Fluency Vs. Perfection

Trying to be the perfect English speaker can become a hindrance in your progress. On the one hand, it can make you become too self-aware and therefore make you feel inhibited to speak or write. On the other hand, it can make you overthink everything and, as a result, not let you express yourself authentically.

When learning a second language, fluency is more desirable than having the perfect accent. Instead of trying to avoid making mistakes, you should focus on getting your message across. Every time you hold yourself back out of fear of making a mistake, you are missing out on an opportunity to learn. 

Language equals communication. When learning a second language, your communication with teachers and peers, no matter their level, is essential. Don’t hold back and talk, write, and sing; as you continue to do so, you’ll notice the improvement.

Speak Slowly, Make Adjustments, and Learn to Listen 

The more exposed to a language you are, the more comfortable you will feel communicating in it. Remember: Nobody is rushing you. You don’t need to speak fast just because the person in front of you speaks fast. 

Speak slowly so that you give your brain time to think and express yourself more naturally. Equally important is to ask for feedback. You’ll notice that most of the time, the person in front of you will try to understand you no matter what you say, so they won’t make corrections. Ask for them, ask for feedback so you can learn continuously. 

Another good idea is to watch and listen to content in English to improve your listening skills, which in turn will affect your speaking skills. 

Conquer Your Fear of Speaking with Our ESL Classes in Houston 

Our specially-designed program of ESL classes in Houston will help you overcome your shyness and become a proficient speaker. And remember, the learning path is not without peaks and valleys, so don’t get discouraged if you feel you are hitting a bump, it’s all part of the process. You’ll see how much you’ll improve over time!

Ready to become the most proficient speaker? Call (888) 263-7713 or contact us online to start your journey.

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